Yvette Balla Vol. 1 Featured

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Hungarian hottie Yvette Balla shows in this video that being a muscle babe isn't just for the 20 year-old figure competitors. In 30 minutes of flexing and light workouts, we get to see that this gorgeous woman knows how to show off her fantastic muscular body. Her transitions between muscle groups is fluid and makes the video more exciting since she doesn't focus on a single area for too long. She's got a true bodybuilder's spirit in how she varies her poses, which is something I admire, we don't just get a few minutes of compulsory bicep flexing followed by triceps, etc.. Yvette knows how to move from pose to pose in a way that keeps the viewer engaged. Her muscles are great and well built, she has some nice bicep peaks with good vascularity in her arms. I love her ab flexing, those sexy ridges of hers are covered by what appears to be but a paper thin amount of skin with zero fat to hide the hard work she has put into building them up. The way she flexes her pecs is very alluring to me, she hits flexes from various angles to accentuate the definition in her chest. My favourite part is when she flexes and works out her legs, she has tremendous quads and her hamstring-glute tie ins are exceptional, not to mention her glutes themselves. This woman clearly knows how to squat! I would be remiss if I didn't mention what a beautiful smile Yvette has and how when she does a double bicep, for instance, she gives the camera a lovely look that seems to brighten up the scene. This is a great video and I recommend it to everyone who loves a one on one posing video in an isolated setting.

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