Virginia Sanchez Vol. 11 Featured

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If you’re fan of Virginia Sanchez, or just big female bodybuilders in general, this video is a must have in your collection. Virginia, with her shaved head look, reminds me of Furiosa from the latest Mad Max film ... except way more bigger, of course! Here she is in massive condition as she works through the weights, going through the heavy reps with ease. With lots of close-ups, you almost feel like you’re in the gym right next to her as she sculpts her body to muscular perfection. Compared to other videos offered on this site, Virginia is in more off-season shape here, and her skin tone is on the lighter side (If you really want to see Virginia at her peak, get vol. 9, where she’s tanned, and VERY ripped), but I’m very happy with the video, especially since the video is shot in high definition, so the resolution is very crisp. One minor caveat: there is an interview at the end, but this is the one segment of the video which could be improved. During the interview, Virginia is speaking in Spanish, and there are no English subtitles, so I have no idea what she is talking about. It’d be nice to understand her story. But I think even if you did understand Spanish, the audio is somewhat soft, and it’s drowned out by the background music (which sounds like it was added post-production). I like the idea of having an interview to give insight into the bodybuilder (WPW videos had interviews all the time), but if they could correct these 2 issues in the future by adding subtitles and not adding music, this video would be virtually perfect. Despite this, this is worth having in your collection. Highly recommended! Would love to see more Virginia ... and I think the fans do, too, since she’s already up to 11 volumes.
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