Nina Loebardt Vol. 1

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Review by Paul:

First off, Nina had completely slipped under my radar. Don't know how, but as soon as I saw some flexing videos of her, I had to purchase this. It did not disappoint whatsoever. The video begins with simple upper body flexing in contest shape. Her arms are absolutely ripped, especially her delts and triceps. You can see the striations ripple and bulge as she flexes, truly stunning. What impresses me most about this woman are her pecs. Holy hell they are huge. It's like someone slapped two melons on her chest. I'm not exaggerating when I say they're some of the biggest, most well-defined pecs in the female sport. They need to be seen in motion to be fully appreciated, as they flex and striate at every movement she makes. The deep valley in between is incredible when she flexes them together. If she would, she could easily pass the pecs off as breasts themselves. Just amazing. Her lats are also impressive, making her back look twice as wide and fanning out when she does her lat spread. I'm a big arms guy too, and her forearms are absolutely perfect. Her brachioradialis swells outward as she pumps her biceps and is truly a sight to behold. Did I mention this was only 3 minutes into the video? It gets much more intense as she begins to work out with the bands, and her muscles get even more pumped than before, and she glistens with sweat. You'll marvel at her defined, super dense muscles even more. Honestly, you need to see it in motion. I can't do her body justice by describing it to you. Love the posing she does with her glasses on at the end, makes her look so distinguished, smart and sexy. The smiles she does as she flexes turn the sexiness to full blast, and she seems to really enjoy it! Overall, I'm an upper body kinda guy, and this video is mostly focused on it, and for good reason. Her upper body is so good, it needs to be seen to be believed. Now, this is not to say her legs are a weak point at all! This athlete is an absolute beast and a site to behold. If you have any interest in muscle whatsoever, check out this video. You will not be disappointed. My hope is that will track her down and shoot more footage with this ripped amazon!

John said:

Nina Loebardt is one of the greatest things to come out of Germany in recent years. This video shows off her hard, well-defined muscles in glorious contest shape. She flexes her boulder-like biceps and pops her amazing lats like an angel's wings. I loved the shots of her pumping up with a resistance band and the flexing her then warmed up muscles. She has a champion's body and is definitely worthy of all the accolades she has received. She's an excellent poser, as this video has well documented, and it's a real treat to watch her flex with all her might while having a gorgeous smile on her face. It's an awesome video that I would absolutely recommend to all fans of women's bodybuilding who enjoy seeing big, beautiful muscles in a ripped contest condition.

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