Cris Goy Arellano Vol. 5 Featured

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Another volume of the strong and very athletic Cris Goy! She's back at it again for Volume. Her strength and beauty never ceases to amaze and it seems she gets more stronger and more beautiful with each volume. This Volume 5 seems to revisit the Volume 1 almost like a homage or tribute to many of our original introduction to Cris' Workout Wonders. Her hair is back and she begins on the preacher curls. She seems even more cut and even more seasoned her than her that original volume 1. As always in great condition, she proceeds through various exercises working her biceps and chest. Her glare to the camera is breathtaking and in between exercising she reminds us of how a great poser she is with Great upper body poses. Afterwards, she proceeds to work some of the other body parts like the abs, legs, and glutes with posing afterwards and then back to the exercises. She shows off the abs by posing and doing some sit-ups. She closes the video clip out with some full body, leg poses and upper body poses. This clip is a little shorter than the other but definitely worth the purchase because this site makes great clips and it's Ms. Cris Goy Arellano. Always worth a look and a great workout/posing clip to add to her other clips. She has had some great clips so far on the site and this one had to her great run of volumes here.

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