Coralie Marchisio Vol. 1

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Review by e_honda:

This is a simple but extremely entertaining video of French bodybuilding champion Coralie Marchsio taken around the time of the World Championships in Santa Susanna. Coralie is short in height but very densely muscled, particularly in the upper body. She has tremendous fullness in her biceps, triceps, lats and chest. She wears a very nice white bikini which fits her physique perfectly. She is a good looking woman with young, wholesome looks. Lots of great bicep, triceps and back poses. Her biceps are round and full with good peak, making them look bigger than they actually are. She has excellent detail in her back and rear lats and really flexes hard so you can see every detail. Her legs could use more definition, but they are shapely and hard and she posed them well. The camera work of this video was excellent. Lots of close ups, which is what most fans want to see. Compliments to the camera man! And what great stamina displayed by Coralie! If she was tired, she never showed it. She started flexing and never stopped once. The camera footage was 30 minutes long and is non-stop. There was not a single cut in the footage. The best part of this video is the attitude Coralie displays. There are certainly prettier female bodybuilders out there with better physiques, but Coralie more than makes up for this with attitude. When she flexes, you can very hear her breathe deeply and almost groan with each flex of her muscles. Actually listening to the sound of this video is one of the best things. How many bodybuilding videos can you say that about? You can tell she loves to pose and wants to flex every muscle she has to the absolute max for the viewer. She poses as if it is an actual workout and you can hear this with every deep breath she takes as she flexes. There are a few critiques of this video: First, the location this video was shot at was a public place with screaming children and they were sometimes very loud. This was sometimes a distraction to the great sound that I mentioned Coralie produced as she flexed. The location was beautiful , but a more private and quiet setting would be better. I would also like to see her pose more freely and artistically. She is an excellent poser, but sometimes concentrated on one body part at a time for too long. I also wish she would smile a bit more, as she has a beautiful smile. However, those criticisms do not take away from the overall enjoyment of the video. Coralie left me wanting more. This was a 30 minute video and I would have loved to see another 90 minutes of her flexing. If you want to see a good looking female bodybuilder flex her heart out and give everything she has while she poses, then this video is for you. I look forward to seeing Coralie Marchisio, Volume 2!

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