Beatrice Serban Vol. 2 Featured

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I was very happy to see that there was a new video starring Beatrice Serban. I loved the first one and I was hoping we'd get an update on her some time soon. Well, here it is and she looks great! It's a workout and gym posing video like her last video, but it's clear that Beatrice has made some great gains to her physique. She has the kind of body that should be on the cover of magazines around the world, not to mention her beautiful face is one that should be on television. The video starts with her pumping up her biceps, which are nicely shaped and well defined but not too big. She also has some great shoulders and triceps to complete the look of her wonderful arms. She follows this up with some work on her quads and hamstrings before flexing them for the camera. Beatrice's legs are the kind that would look amazing in the slit dresses movie stars wear on the red carpet. Next up is one of my favourites, ab work. I really like how her abs are clearly visible even when she's not flexing or working them. She then goes on to various other exercises before some nice glute exercising. Beatrice is a phenomenal athlete with a great physique and she takes a moment to thank her fans at the end of the video. My only complaint is the background noise in the gym, but it's unavoidable in this genre of videos so I understand. Here's hoping for continued updates on this gorgeous girl.

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