Anastasia Papoutsaki Vol. 1 Featured

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This website introduced me to this talented young beauty named Anastasia Papoutsaki. I can't wait to see what more she has in store and how she evolves and develops as an athlete. I can't imagine her getting any more beautiful and defined than she is now, but it will definitely happen. Her posing, definition, and physique is just amazing. She starts with double bicep curls and goes into some double bicep posing. I love the curling of that huge bar and how it combines showing off the strength and definition of the user. I'd like to say that I believe nobody wears those black bikini bottoms better than Anastasia at this point anyway. She poses her legs and does some chest exercises as well. My favorite part of the video is her chest and bicep posing. Her face combined with her muscles and cute, feminine yet muscular chest is a scene that will always be remembered. Her glutes, her glutes are fantastic. Once again she combines a cuteness with athleticism in a fantastic way. Her glute exercises are definitely a highlight of the clip, her form is great and she looks great doing it. Anastasia has one of the sexiest back/glute combos to me because it just combines that cute athlete combination so well to me. Nothing cute about her exquisite determination in her training. She's amazing I hope to see more of her as soon as possible. Definitely a must see athlete.

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