Jaqueline Costa Vol. 1

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Attention fans of true amazons! This is one video you shouldn't miss!! Jaqueline Costa is the definition of the word "amazon" being that she's 6 feet tall and has an incredible muscular physique. This video features her in a full body workout with posing in between the exercises. She starts with biceps and moves on to quads, hamstrings, abs, and shoulders. All with Jaqueline taking time to flex her freshly pumped up muscles. I love it when the camera pulls out for a wide shot to give the viewer a sense of just how tall and jacked this woman is, it's awe inspiring. She has some really nice legs that get a good workout and her quad shake is amazing. I also love seeing her flex her abs, she has some great cuts that are visible even when she's unflexed. My favourite part of this video is her bicep pumping and posing. Her peaks are nice and big and she really gets some good looking reps in. For a bicep guy like me, it's a huge selling point. I should also mention her fantastic delts and how they perfectly cap off her shoulders with some great vascularity. So in summary, I loved this video and am now a big fan of its star, the beautiful Jaqueline Costa. I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

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