Jana Purdjakova Vol. 1

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Jana Purdjakova is a beautiful woman with an amazing body and I am happy to see a new video featuring her in contest shape. This video consists of the wonderful Jana doing some backstage pumping and posing with a resistance band. She has incredible peaked biceps and those rounded capped shoulders that drive me wild. When she hits the ab shot, I was awe-struck and then the back double biceps pose almost knocked me out of my seat. She's just so tremendous with her radiant smile and confident posing. I'm loving these recent contest shape videos that are showing up on this website. I hope to see more from this gorgeous woman in the future. She deserves more attention and I hope she gets it. Superb video, highly recommended.


Oh wow, wow, wow! Jana Purdjakova! I've wanted to see a video of this amazing woman ever since I first saw photos of her at a Worlds almost 10 years ago!


There is a simple reason why Jana has been a multiple world champion and this video clearly showcases the reason: she has perfect balance of muscles (both size and shape) & symmetry. Her proportions are exquisite. She certainly was blessed as well with beautiful genetics which allowed her to both build quality, shapely muscle and maintain the hour-glass figure so desired by women. That she is a muscle woman of the highest level only adds to her mystique. Her softball sized biceps are legendary for their incredible peaks and they literally pop when she flexes them. Her triceps are shaped like horseshoes. Her shoulders are round mounds of perfection. Her chest is ultra feminine and her front lats spread conveys female strength of the first order. Her abs are a true six pack of chiseled marble. Her quads and calves perfectly shaped and make her legs ultra feminine as well. That she is undoubtedly a beautiful woman facially completes a most staggering package of muscles, beauty & symmetry. Jana is living proof of what muscles do for a woman's body: makes it fuller, shapely, stronger and yes, sexier. There is only one Jana and this video showcases her in all her muscular, pumped up glory. The video itself gives many views of Jana both pumping up her chiseled muscles and flexing and posing them. There are multiple closeups of her individual body parts, highlighted by her biceps filling the screen with their bulging peaks. Hail to Jana Purdjakova! The Greeks surely would've carved statues of her.

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