Cris Goy Arellano Vol. 2 Featured

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Boy, oh boy, is this video a treat! Cris Goy Arellano pumping and posing at the Arnold Amateur in Spain. Wearing her posing suit top with some booty shorts, she does some simple exercises in order to warm up her muscles for some great flexes. She's in competition shape here so ever pose she hits really shows off the hard work she's put in to get that fantastic physique. The video starts with her pumping up my favourite muscle, the bicep and she has some terrific peaks. Next, we get a nice scene with her working her pecs and the little bit of difficulty exhibited as she completes the last few reps shows that she's really giving her chest a good workout. I love her side chest pose, the combination of her beautiful biceps and hard pecs as well as her gorgeous smile is an image I won't soon forget. Following that is her working her amazing quads with the leg press. Cris has exceptional size to her thigh muscles and she flexes them expertly. My absolute favourite part of the video is near the end when she does bicep curls with a specialized barbell and you can really see her muscles popping out and the vascularity in her arms in incredible. Overall it's a very good video. Cris Goy Arellano is gorgeous and has an exceptional physique! I can't wait to see her get on stage with the other big girls of the Physique division.


Most of the time the sequel is never better than the original, but in this case it may not be true. Here Cris returns for another volume. Looking surprising more sexy and more muscular. Definitely think that wasn't possible considering how built and beautiful she looked in the first installment. A true muscle bound athlete who combines beauty and muscle perhaps like no other. She has let her fine silky black hair out this time and is an a bikini top and some magnificent black tight shirts. The workout begins, almost similar to the last Volume, she starts out with some flexing then proceeds to do some bicep curls. Her workout combined with her sexy gaze is unbeatable. Following that is a chest exercise with posing and more chest exercise. She then proceeds to the legs after a leg press she poses her massively impressive legs and then back to the leg press once more and another flex and pose of those massive legs. Afterward, we get some amazing closeup shoulder/pec exercising and pec/shoulder flexing and posing. Next she trains her arms. Which in some ways is my favorite part of the video is where she poses and flexes and works her glutes. They definitely seemed to have built and increased in size and definition since the last video. The last part curling may be saving the best for last as all the muscles seen huge and dense and she looks as beautiful as ever. A highly recommended clip and hopefully many more volumes to come from possibly my favorite female muscle athlete.

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